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Abstract from Chemistry Today – MARCH/APRIL 2020 – VOL. 38(2) – p42-43.

  • The strategic plan of End Market in the last years
  • How can a company (CDMO) like Minakem contribute to better human health?
  • How can the safety of the supply chain be improved?
  • How can quality be assured?
  • how can time to market be accelerated without any increase in costs?

“Companies like Minakem, […] are essential for patients’ needs and the entire society. Everybody points to pharma when it comes to curing diseases and adequately supplying drugs and medical devices. Yet behind the big pharma brands is a complex universe of suppliers, distributors, academic institutions,[…]”

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“A word with Thierry van Nieuwenhove – CEO End Market – Minafin Group”